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Month: March 2015

About Silicone Bakeware

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Q: What is silicone?

A: Silicone is a rubber-like material that starts out as a pure form of very fine grain sand. Through a series of heat and additive processing, the silicone base material is formed. This material meets all USA FDA regulations for food contact safety. The silicone base is then colored and molded into the bakeware shapes. The result of this molding process is the finished piece of Wilton silicone bakeware and accessories.

Q: What are the benefits of silicone?
A: Because  silicone is so flexible, it makes it easier to store the pieces at home. The release of the baked goods from the bakeware is also easy since you can “peel” the pan away vs. metal bakeware which is very rigid.

Q: Will it melt?
A: No, Wilton silicone bakeware and accessories are high-heat resistant up to 500°F

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, Wilton silicone bakeware and accessories are made of food grade silicone.

Q: Can I use it like my metal bakeware?
A: Yes, Wilton silicone bakeware is interchangeable with metal shapes. For success in using your silicone bakeware:

  • Always spray all baking surfaces with a non-stick cooking spray before using
  • Carefully watch the progress of your baked goods as some time and temperature adjustments may need to be made
  • Always place the silicone bakeware on a cookie sheet or baking pan in order to avoid spillage
  • Allow baked goods to cool completely before removing from pan
  • Never use metal utensils to cut or serve from your silicone pieces

Q: How do I clean my silicone?
A: Wilton silicone bakeware is dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed in hot soapy water. Abrasive cleansers and scouring pads should never be used on silicone.

Q: Can I use it in the microwave?
A: Yes, you can use your Wilton silicone bakeware in a conventional oven as well as microwave and toaster ovens. Never use your silicone bakeware under a broiler, on a hotplate or burner, or over open flame.

Q: Will it lose its shape?
A: No, Wilton silicone bakeware will maintain its shape regardless of frequency of use or storage.

Q: Will it retain any odors or flavors?
A: During normal use, the bakeware should not retain any flavors or odors.

Q: Can I do more than bake in it?
A: Yes, Wilton silicone bakeware is extremely versatile. It can withstand temperature changes such as going from freezer directly to oven, and can be used as a mold for things such as gelatin, ice cream, ice, dips, etc.

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