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Month: March 2016


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Kids are very visual especially when it comes to the little things that make them feel special. Your child’s special occasion might be coming up, or you probably want to bake something for your kid just for the fun of it. If you’re looking to switch up things and bake something extraordinary check out over 40 different types of baking tins and pans at

Kids love cartoon characters and anything else that they might identify with, for instance, cars, flowers tractors, animals, dinosaurs, numbers, etc. The following are a few examples of the baking tins available in Kenya from that will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark.

Rise to the occasion and stand out from the crowd with this baking tin.

Crown your little one with this amazing cake shaped like a prince or princess crown.

Kids adore animals and especially little ponies.

children are always learning and what a good way to incorporate numbers into your child’s cake or dessert?

A little farm themed cake will be appropriate for your little boy.

Whether its’ bath time or swimming, kids love rubber duckies. The 3D rubber ducky comes as a set of five different designs.

Appropriate for both boys and girls. Make them a princess or a prince on their special day.

The baking tins come with an easy-to-use user manual. The manuals explain how to use or clean them the products. Kindly note that the above pans are not limited to cakes only. The Baking tins in Kenya can also be used to make ice cream, molded gelatin, bread and more. To view the above products and more, get in touch with the Buy the baking tins online or WhatsApp/call them at 0714389495. The friendly and professional staff will handle all your inquiries.