There are two types of fondant namely;

(a). Rolled fondant: Rolled fondant’s texture is similar to that of stiff clay. An example of rolled fondant is Wilton Fondant and gum paste silicone mold fabric
(b). Poured fondant: A creamy confection of thick liquid. Mostly used for filling or coating cakes or pastries.

Should fondant be eaten or pulled off the cake?

There are no etiquette rules when it comes to fondant. Fondant is edible and not toxic. The choice of whether to eat or dispose of Fondant is entirely dependent on your guests or customers.

Why has fondant become very popular?

  1. It makes it easy to add dimensions to a cake
  2. Fondant is easy to sculpt and work with.
  3. It improves a cake appearance.
  4. Cakes and pastries covered in fondant have a beautiful almost porcelain-like look.
  5. You can get creative with fondant and create something unique.


Who wants ordinary when you could produce extraordinary works or art? With fondant, you can be as imaginative as you want. Can you imagine being able to create an ocean, complete with waves on a cake?

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