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How to comb a cake

Wilton Cake Decorating
10 mins.
Prep: 5 mins. |


Step 1


Cover the cake with a slightly thicker coating of icing, so the comb’s ridges will not touch the cake. Hold comb at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2


Choose the type of effect you want—wide or narrow—then run that edge around your cake to form ridges.Turn the turntable as you run the comb edge over the surface.

Step 3


Use different combs and edges to add different contours  to your iced cake.


-Comb immediately after icing the cake, while the icing is soft.

-Using a turntable helps to keep the movement of your comb smooth, so your surface will be perfect.

-Before the final icing of your cake, cover it in a thin layer of icing and allow it to chill for a few hours. This is called a ‘crumb coat’. It will keep your final layer of icing neat and free from any flaky crumbs.

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